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Introducing GoBites, the civilized travel utensils that are equally at home in the backcountry or the breakroom. Made from high-temp nylon that is incredibly strong, BPA-free, PC-free, and Phthalate-free. Whether you need a spoon or fork- the GoBites line of utensils will have what you need. Available in three different models: Uno, Duo, and Trio.

  • GoBites Uno: One utensil with a fork on one end, and a spoon on the other. 1pc.
  • GoBites Duo: A fork and spoon set nested together. Can also be connected end-to-end to create one long spoon or fork. 2pcs.
  • GoBites Trio: With a low profile storage case, the three utensils (fork, spoon, & knife) will stay clean whether in your purse, or your backpack. 3pcs.

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