Kayak Rentals

Looking for a beautiful day on the water?  Rent either a single or tandem kayak for the day, 3 days, or for a whole week and have some fun on the water! 

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Q. What is included in my rental?

A. Kayak, a life jacket (pfd), and a paddle. A foam rack and straps will be provided if needed. 

Q: What kind of kayaks are for rent?

A: Jackson Kayaks:  Staxx and TakeTwo (tandem). These kayaks are ideal for families and fishing. They are stable and provide storage for day trips on rivers, ponds and lakes. They have a folding seat back which provides very nice support. Several boats are equipped with fishing kits. 

Q. I don’t have a truck or big car to put the kayak in, am I still able to rent a kayak?

A. Don’t worry if you have a small car! We have free racks available to attach to a car to help transport the kayak to the water. 

Q. Do I need to bring help to load the kayak?

A. The kayak weighs 64 pounds. We will have one employee helping to outfit you and load your boat at the time of each rental. You may need to bring help once you arrive at the body of water where you are launching the kayak. You can also request delivery for a fee. Plan for 30 minutes to get you loaded up and on your way. 

Q. How old do I need to be to rent a kayak. 

A. You must be 18 to rent a kayak. Children age 12 and older can paddle their own kayak with parental permission. Tandem kayaks are great if you want a younger child to join you.

Q. What should I bring with me on my trip to the water? 

A. Here is a list of what we recommend.

  1. Bug spray 
  2. Water 
  3. Sunscreen 
  4. Snacks 
  5. Waterproof case for any electronics 
  6. Towel 
  7. Map
  8. Fishing Gear

Q. How much does it cost to rent a kayak?

A. You have some options, depending on the kayak and how long you are interested in renting. 

  • Staxx (singular) $40 1-day, $80 3-day, $160 7-day. TAX NOT INCLUDED. 8% tax.
  • TakeTwo (Tandem) $60 1- day, $100 3- day, $180 7-day. TAX NOT INCLUDED. 8% tax. 

Q. What days can you pick up your rental?  

A. Kayak rental appointments/ pickup can be any business day. We are open Wednesday- Sunday 10-3. When you reserve your kayak online or in store, you will select the day and time. If a kayak needs to be picked up on a day we’re not open (Monday and Tuesday) send an email to info@nocogro.com or give us a call @ 315-714-3255 to make special arrangements.

Q. How long can you rent a kayak for? 

A. We have a 1-day option (return on same business day), a 3-day option, and a 7-day option.  We are open Wednesday- Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Return must be within the hour limits and returned by 5:30pm on that day.  If a kayak needs to be returned on a day we’re not open (Monday and Tuesday) send an email to info@nocogro.com or give us a call @ 315-714-3255 to make special arrangements.

Q. Where should I launch my boat?

A. There are over 200 lakes, rivers and streams in St. Lawrence County. The closest boat launches, which are all on the Grasse River, are:

  • Grasse River: on Route 68, 3 miles Northwest of the Village of Canton
  • Little River Boat Launch:  From Downtown Canton, head south on CR-26 / Park Street, drive through St. Lawrence University and over the Little River bridge, and the launch is on your right. 
  • Pyrities Boat Launch: Located off of CR-21 in Pyrities.

You can also find paddlers maps at Grasse River Outfitters and can check out www.STLCtrails.com for more inspiration. 

 Q. Is there a maximum distance I can take my rental boat?

A. There is no maximum as long as you can return the kayak by the return date.

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