Oaki Construction Neoprene Boots

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OAKI neoprene boots are durable, warm, and comfortable. The 7mm thick neoprene is comfort rated to -36 degrees C.
OAKI’s neoprene boots are designed to keep up with your child’s active, adventurous side. These boots help to grip wet surfaces, minimizing slips and falls.

EASY CLEANING & CARE: OAKI children’s neoprene boots are ideal for rain, snow, and muck. OAKI neoprene boots are simple when it comes to cleaning and care. Simply spray or wipe off these durable boots in order to clean them. The minimal care required, and durability of these boots means you can spend more time with your child.

INSULATED FOOT & ANKLE PROTECTION: OAKI’s neoprene boots are made with your child's outdoor adventures in mind. Whether your child is hiking in the mountains and timberlands, or just playing in the backyard, these waterproof boots work to protect your child’s feet and provide an extra layer of insulation for added warmth and comfort in all conditions Waterproof and Insulated for Snow

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