Tubbs Flex ALP Men's Snowshoes

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The Tubbs Flex Alp XL accommodates weights (including user, snowshoes, and gear) of greater than 190 pounds in packed snow. They offer excellent flotation, ergonomic comfort, traction and built-in heel lifters for tackling ascents.

The molded Flex deck increases articulation throughout the body of the shoes, allowing them to truly flex with your stride to enhance both traction and maneuverability. The use of "cutaways", a narrow, tapered profile and thinner material at either end of the shoes keeps weight to a minimum while maintaining flotation. The unique tail absorbs the shock of heel strikes, reducing stress on your joints and further enabling you to maintain a natural, comfortable stride.

The Active Fit 2.0 binding system features a TPU cinch strap for ease of entry, control and support while remaining secure. The TPU cinch strap decreases friction and ice buildup. The binding’s EZ Heel Buckle is comfortable and easy to use. Fold-up heel lifts improve performance on steep slopes and helps to reduce fatigue.

These snowshoes are outfitted with Viper 2.0 carbon steel toe crampons for maximum traction and responsiveness. In addition, micro-serrated 3D curved Traction Rails further enhance traction and deliver superior grip for uphill climbs and side-hill traverses.

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24/28 (One Size / Weight)

Recommended User Weight[24in] 120 - 200lb, [28in] > 190lb

Snowshoe Category 



Viper™ 2.0 Toe Crampon,Traction Rails


Active Fit™ 2.0


Rotating Toe Cord With Rotation Limiter

Snowshoe Frame

Flex Deck™

Has Heel Lift

Heel Lift

Binding Features

Active Fit™ 2.0,Flatpack