Sock Guy 3 in. Sock Hippo

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Cycling/Running Sock. Made in USA. SUPERIOR COMFORTABILITY - Wear it and feel superior comfortability with these socks. It can make you feel warm and provide comfort that you never had with your feet.
WEATHER-FRIENDLY - These socks can be used all year round because of its shrink-resistant and itch-free. It can warm your feet whenever you need them and use them with your shoes when you go out.
HIGH PERFORMANCE - These socks can be used on high-performance activities such as cycling, running, athletic events, and you can even use it at home as warmer. Useful at any time and anywhere.
MACHINE-SAFE - It is safe to wash on machines and it will still keep intact.
HIGH QUALITY - It is made with high-quality threads to ensure durability for more prolonged use.
75% Micro DenierAcrylic, 15% Nylon, 10% Spandex L/XL