Innova Disc Golf ROC Mid Range

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The Roc is very reliable at the high speeds that pros throw. It ages slowly, becoming an excellent slow turning disc as it wears.

Assorted colors /styles/ prices:

DX ROC S4/G4/T0/F3

ROC 3 Champion S5/G4/T0/F3

  • DX: Innova's DX plastic is affordably priced and provides an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations. DX discs wear in with usage and over time will eventually take on new and varied flight characteristics.
  • Champion: Designed for professional players, Champion line discs are usually a little firmer and more stable than the same model in other plastics. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, Innova's Champion line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage.